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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I guess this could be considered the start of my very long trip. I drove up to Manitowish Waters WI. Sunday afternoon. My job ended on Friday=( I will miss those boys very much, but I look forward to seeing the world this next year. yesterday Julia and I drove up to the Porcupine Mountains which is located in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan.
We did a few hikes around, saw a bunch of waterfalls. The whole place is really nice, the forest here is old growth and one could only imagine what the Northwoods must have looked like before the timber industry took over in the 1800’s.
On the way back we drove through Ottawa State Park on our way back, and it seemed that we were the only people there until we got out on a lake and chatted it up with some U.P locals. Overall I would have to say this area is worth a visit, not to mention you can attempt a swim in the coldest of the Great Lakes. Just make sure when taking pictures around the waterfalls, you don't slip in the water with your camera....Julia! Tomorrow I will be at camp volunteering then it's up to Washburn to visit Heidi and Adam!