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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monkey Mia

Wayne looking like Jack Johnson
Jenny, Wayne and I
Stone fish
ummm sort of working
Jenny and I
Going to work in the morning
Wayne teaching me a thing or two
Nicky and Finn
Camel on te beach
sea turtle off the jetty
Hi can I help you?
handing the fish, head first!
Leopard shark!
Dolphin Sunset
Wayno and I
My girls

Here's a video of Wayne on the Didge

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shark Bay "Gutharrguda"

Cape peron

emus walking
emu track

Shark Bay World Heritage Site that was discovered in 1616 by Europeans and became the second group of Europeans to have visited Australia. Today there are fewer then 1,000 people covering a coastline of 1,500 kilometers. The zoological importance of the area is outstanding. There are 10,000 dugongs which makes up 10% of the worlds population. Many bottlenose dolphins, 26 threatened Australian mammal species like the Bilby, over 230 species of birds, and 150 species of reptile. Of course there is a reason for the name Shark Bay, and the area had well over 323 fish species. Common sharks you will usually see here are tigers, lemon, nervous, and leopards. One of the reasons for so much biodiversity is the large seagrass meadows which cover 4000km of the bay, its the largest seagrass bank in the world! This gives home, food and a breeding ground to many species of animals.

Here's the Planet Earth video on the dolphins of WA

Here's a video of what you do for fun in WA, one of the guys petting the tiger shark is my friend Waynes good buddy and also a driver/tour guide for easy rider.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Denham and Kalbarri

Rescued Joey at the hostel in Denham
Stromatolites of Shark Bay
Bush Fire after Billabong Road House
Natures Window
Roos escaping the heat
Our group
Prints in the sand...very common

Baby Joey at the petting zoo
Relaxed Dingo
Feeding Emus
Wes feeding red roos