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Monday, October 11, 2010

Aviarios Sloth Sancturay Volunteers

Goddess Athena
Dart Frog
Cosmo and I
Alex and a buddy

From Left to Right: Sunny, Jenny, Alex, Kat, Nancy and myself
Give me a kiss Jewel!
Ubu, this little two toed became my partner in crime. I was the only volunteer willing to put p with the biters and this little guy loved to bite. Luckily he has self control and restricted his biting to his teddy. Ubu came in with his back legs unable to move, hopefully maybe he will get better, there were other sloths who had come in with the same symptoms and they are now able to move their legs.
Upside down Stephanie...another one of those bitters though I never had a problem.
Dominque....my first experience with intestinal worms!
Cosmo....the sweetest sloth that ever lived! He gets along with all of the youngsters so we call him Mr. Mom. He also hates to be left alone, so getting him to go to the bathroom gave me a run for my money, he always came off the "poop poll" looking for me and crying. Note: baby sloth cries are by far the sadist cries you will ever hear!

Here's a BBC video of Sloths and David Attenborough, towards the end of it I realized he was at Aviarios on the dock sitting and also eating at the cafe! Other celebs have visited, including Steve Iriwn and Johnny Depps hair dresser from The Pirates. The hair dresser actually sent them a signed pic of J. Depp as well as a piece from his wig, they ended up naming a sloth Johnny Depp.