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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kiwi in the USA

I recently took a trip to Washington D.C., and before my visit I got in contact with the National Zoo, which just so happens to have kiwi birds! I asked them if I could stop by and visit with them, and they actually said yes! Turns out they thought that my time volunteering with these small flightless birds in New Zealand made me a worthy visitor.

Kiwis as you may know, are flightless New Zealand birds. They have a long beak used for sifting through soil and grabbing bugs. They have the softest feathers that Maori Chiefs once wore as cloaks. They lay the largest egg in proportion to their body size of any bird. Did I mention they have whiskers. They are freaks of the animal kingdom, as are most of New Zealand animals. Sloths may be adorable, but a friendly kiwi is just as cute! Check out my video, to see for yourself!

To learn more about Kiwis at the National Zoo visit